Director Spike Lee Looking Cool As Ever While In Venice

Director, Spike Lee was looking as cool as ever while in Venice. The cool director of “Jungle Fever” seems not to age one bit. The 55 year old dude can pass easily 35-ish year old. Spike Lee is well known for his ground breaking movies, like “Son Of Sam.” Spike Lee is probably one of the best Urban Style directors of our time. If you haven’t seen a Spike Lee joint, you’re definitely missing out.

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Celebrity Couple Kate Bosworth & Michael Polish Hit The Town

It seems that Kate Bosworth and Michael Polish never have any work as they are always photographed walking around either Los Angeles, California or New York City. So far Bosworth has wrapped up filming on Big Sur and Movie 43 a couple months back and has been taking it easy since then. Make sure you check out Sexy “The Big Bang Theory” Actress Kaley Cuoco Pictures while you are at it. This is something you definitely don’t want to miss out in.

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Model Turned Furniture Designer Cindy Crawford Looks Fabulous

Cindy Crawford has been around for a long time the model turned furniture designer was caught making her way through the LAX airport in Los Angeles, California recently. She looked to be in a rush as she wasn’t stopping for anyone nor smiling at anyone. Maybe if she would have spotted Hunky Captain America Actor Chris Evans I am sure she would have been smiling.

Cute Rachel Korine Rocks “Black Sabbath” T-Shirt

Rachel Korine was looking cute as hell and super rocking when she arrived to Venice. She was rocking out a Black Sabbath t-shirt from the “Heaven and Hell” tour. It looked totally bad ass as she matched it with a bright, blue sweater. The young actress seemed cheery as she greeted fans with a wave and a golden smile. Rachel Korine is a total cutie that apparently has good taste in music and an appreciation for classic Metal.