Nigel Harman In Shrek Musical

I’m a huge shrek fan and to hear the musical will feature Nigel Harman excites us even more. Apparently, first-night audience reactions at the Theatre Royal, Harman, spends the whole performance on his knees to play the diminutive and dastardly Lord Farquaad. Keep up with our blog for more celebrity news on Nigel Harman and follow Oscars Match for more!

Sizzling Shirtless Nigel Harman Photo

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Nigel Harman in Shrek Musical

Nigel Harman was named as one of three male leads in the Shrek musical. Other stars that are fellow cast members in the Shrek musical include Amanda Holden as Princess Fiona, Nigel Lindsay as Shrek and Richard Blackwood as Donkey. Previews for the Shrek musical begin on May 6 at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in England.